Marko Kloos' recent reads

Aftershocks author Marko Kloos shares what he's been reading in between an onslaught of deadlines.

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Best science fiction and fantasy of July

Five of our favorite new sci-fi and fantasy novels hitting shelves in July.

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2019 Locus Award winners

The Locus Science Fiction Foundation named the best sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and young adult novels published in 2018, as well as judged the best Hawaiian shirt worn by those at its sold-out Locus Awards weekend.

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Best science fiction and fantasy of 2019 so far

These eight SF and fantasy books will expand your imagination and then blow your mind (figuratively speaking).

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Best science fiction and fantasy of June

Dueling planets, a private investigator who investigates mages, and very, very bad sorcery-infused library books are among our editors’ choices for the best new SF and fantasy hitting shelves this month. See our picks.

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Sarah Gailey's reading recommendations

Sarah Gailey—author of American Hippo and Magic for Liars—shares three great upcoming reads at which they got a sneak peek.

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Cas Anvar's favorite reads - classics edition

Cas Anvar—who plays Rocinante pilot Alex on The Expanse—shares the classics that continue to resonate with him.

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Talking with Neil Gaiman about “Good Omens”

Novel coauthor and Good Omens showrunner Neil Gaiman chats with us about the twisty road from page to screen, and what influence readers had on the book's adaptation.

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Wes Chatham’s favorite reads

While Amos Burton—the character Wes Chatham plays on The Expanse—doesn't seem like much of a reader, Chatham himself sure is. Here are some of his favorite reads.

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2018 Nebula Award winners

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America announced the winners of the 54th Annual Nebula Awards. 

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Best science fiction and fantasy of May: 5 top picks

Space unicorns, twins with super powers, and conflicted assassins—oh, my! Here are five of our favorites among the best new sci-fi and fantasy books of May.

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10 Most Anticipated SF and Fantasy Books of Summer

These upcoming science fiction and fantasy books will be at the top of our TBR piles this summer.

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Women Call the Shots in Jenna Glass’s Epic Fantasy “The Women’s War”

Veteran author Jenna Glass takes to epic fantasy with a reimagining of a world in which one spell upends the power hierarchy of gendered magic in ways no one fully expects.

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The Amazon Book Review Podcast: An Interview with George R.R. Martin

The creator of A Song of Ice and Fire talked to us about his new graphic novel ( Starport), his rapidly expanding share-universe series ( Wild Cards), his decades-long writing career, and more. 

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Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of April: 5 Top Picks

Five new science fiction and fantasy novels will have you ignoring the April flowers and glued to the page.

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