An interview with "Luster" author Raven Leilani

Leilani is the author of one the most buzzed about books of the season,  Luster, which we named a Best Book of the Month in August.

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The best young adult books of August

A handful of the books we picked as our favorites this month, from immersive new fantasy to smart and timely coming-of-age novels.

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The best mysteries and thrillers of August

Very different cold cases, a vigilante attempt to head off heroin dealing on the reservation, and a nesting doll tale set on a Mediterranean island make for a delightfully mysterious August.

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Best science fiction and fantasy of August

Ranging from a space opera with echoes of Red Rising to a postapocalyptic tale of mercenary librarians, these new sci-fi and fantasy books will keep readers glued to the page.

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Best literature and fiction of August

Here is what some of the Amazon Books editors had to say about the fantastic fictions on offer this month.

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An interview with "Migrations" author Charlotte McConaghy

The author of our Spotlight Pick for August talks about her book, the research, and people who roam.

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Stephenie Meyer: “Midnight Sun,” tiny type & a YA obsession

We asked Stephenie Meyer a few questions about her long awaited novel, Midnight Sun, and revisited a Q&A from the year Twilight released.

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Amazon's best books of August

This year has been a disappointment in many ways, but not where great reads are concerned. Once again we felt compelled to extend our typical list of top ten favorites to twelve, and we're delighted to share them with you.

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The best nonfiction books of 2020 so far

If you're curious about a variety of subjects, this is the book list for you.

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Literature & fiction: Our editors’ recent favorites

While 2020 has been a disappointment in many ways, it’s been a boon for books. And thank goodness! Because who hasn’t needed an escape, to be inspired, to learn something or be transported. Who hasn’t needed help making sense of the messiness of life? These novels will do that for you and more.  

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The best history books of 2020 so far

What kind of history books do you read when you are living through historic times?

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From Goodreads: “Mexican Gothic” takes readers into danger

Author Silvia Moreno-Garcia talks about her new gothic thriller, eugenics, perceptions of Mexico, and how horror deserves more respect.

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An interview with Her Grace, Duchess Goldblatt

A fictional social media personality answers her fans' questions on her new memoir.

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The best nonfiction of July

This month, the Amazon editors are looking forward to reading about interesting lives, interesting places, and interesting friendships.

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Best literature and fiction of July

Need a great summer read? There are a bevy of fantastic fictions on offer this month. 

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