Best Books of March: Literature & Fiction

A nail-biting novel by Peter Heller, "the great Zambian novel you didn’t know you were waiting for," a madcap noir, and more. 

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The Best Books of the Month: Nonfiction

Don't let the apparent darkness of these titles deter you. 

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Best Books of March

A fascinating blend of true crime and history, proof that unreliable narrator thrillers are not passé, an especially epic fantasy (at 848 pages), and more.

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Etaf Rum on "A Woman Is No Man"

"After many years of being silenced and afraid, books are what helped me build the courage to speak up against...injustices and tell the stories of the women in my debut novel."

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Amazon's Best Books of March: Today's Releases

A page-turner about the mysterious breakup of a fictional '70s band, a heart-pounding ode to climbing history and culture, and facing your fears, a nail-biting novel about a leisurely canoe trip that turns into a nightmare, and more...

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Jane Harper on "The Lost Man"

Jane Harper's latest mystery is one of our Best Books of February and when she came to Seattle we talked about the Australian Outback, repeat characters, and more.

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Nickolas Butler on "Little Faith"

"Books are a reason to believe in magic"...

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Yangsze Choo Ensnares Readers with "The Night Tiger"

A 1930s murder mystery in Malaysia swirls around a houseboy, a dance hall girl, and a restless weretiger in Choo's newest historical novel.

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Best Books of the Month: Biographies & Memoirs

In this month's collection: We catch up with a book we should have never lost track of in the first place; a wise and moving memoir about living life while facing an end coming all too soon; a strange-but-true tale of musical fakery; and the hunt for the deadliest man-eating tiger in history.

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The Best Literature & Fiction of February

Many a tale of fractured families, but also a fascinating biographical novel that tells the story behind The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (and the famous film that followed).   

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The Best Mysteries & Thrillers of February

Here are some new books to keep you reading late into the night. Preferably with all the lights on. 

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Best Romances of February: Our 6 Top Picks

From a duke in disguise to a road trip from hell, here are our favorite romance reads of February.

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A Q&A with Mesha Maren on "Sugar Run"

"Fiction isn’t for role model building, fiction is doing something much more complicated and deeper than that..."

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Amazon's Best Books of February: Today's Releases

A magical historical novel set in 1930s Malaysia, two dystopian thrillers, a wonderfully quirky coming-of-age memoir, and the story of one of the grossest miscarriages of justice in Cleveland's history.

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Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of February: 5 Top Picks

Leopards, and spaceships, and dragons - oh, my!

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