Graphic Novel Friday: Winter Spooktacular

Alex Carr on November 19, 2015

Harrow.County.coverHere at GNF, every day is Halloween. While October may have come and gone like a bump in the night, there are plenty of spooky reads ahead in 2015 to scare away the visions of sugarplums and holiday cheer. What follows below are a few upcoming highlights for readers who prefer a little something not-so-sweet in their eggnog.

Frankenstein: Underground by Mike Mignola and Ben Stenbeck: Hellboy fans, rejoice: Mike Mignola finally writes Frankenstein’s monster. Are you as wild-eyed as Colin Clive yet? The artwork comes from Baltimore and Witchfinder artist Ben Stenbeck, as if it needed any further horror cred. This volume promises something both classic and new by two veterans of the dark.

Harrow County by Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook: This Southern gothic tale has already received plenty of early buzz, and Sixth Gun scribe Cullen Bunn and B.P.R.D. artist Tyler Crook craft something truly scary here. It feels alive and true, despite how steeped it is in the supernatural. Come December, you’ll believe something far more sinister exists than fruitcake.

Outcast Volume 2: A Vast and Unending Ruin by Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta: Yeesh, the mystery keeps getting creepier, where protagonist Kyle Barnes searches for those “possessed”—possessed by what or whom, we still do not know—and heal them with his special, inadvertently violent brand of spiritual cleansing. The Walking Dead creator proves he has not saved the best for his most famous project, as events here reveal that no one is safe.

Archie vs Predator by Alex De Campi and Fernando Ruiz: Welcome to the Archie Comics renaissance. While Afterlife with Archie reimagines the entire Riverdale continuity, Archie vs Predator takes the characters everyone knows and puts them in the sights of 80s blockbuster monster, Predator. Thanks to Ruiz’s Archie-house style, watching cartoony, goofy-smiled characters eviscerated by an alien hunter-killer is macabre fun. De Campi’s script is perfect—loaded with horror and humor and without a safety.

Aliens: Salvation by Dave Gibbons and Mike Mignola (again!): At last, this very early work by Mike Mignola is reprinted. Dave Gibbons’ script features a disturbing religious element, as a crewman must abandon ship with his captain, and the two of them experience increasingly bizarre hallucinations. They land, of course, on a planet infested with Ridely Scott’s aliens. It’s a short but intense read, staying true to the original film’s horror roots.

Krampus: Shadow of Saint Nicholas by Michael Dougherty and various: Have you seen the trailer for this year’s holiday horror film, Krampus? It looks delightful. This collection is the official tie-in, presented by the director and co-writer of the film! Dougherty comes from anthology horror fame, having helmed the cult-favorite Trick 'r Treat, so there are high hopes for both this and the film.

What are you reading this winter, ABR readers? Post those titles and your favorite eggnog recipe below.


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