Celebrity Picks: Melissa Radke's Favorite Reads of 2018

Erin Kodicek on December 28, 2018

radke.JPGYou may know Melissa Radke for her videos documenting the trials and tribulations of parenting, marriage, French braiding, and faith. She is also the author of Eat Cake. Be Brave.--two things I am totally on board with. Especially the first one.

So what has Ms. Radke been reading this year? See her picks and why she chose them below, and look here for the latest celebrity favorites. For even more recommendations, learn more about the Amazon Books Editors' picks for the Best Books of the Year.

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I've Been Thinking by Maria Shriver

I had never read anything from Maria Shriver until this book. Not because I didn’t like her or her writing, I was just pretty sure we had nothing in common and her writing would probably be proof of that. But this year - and with this book - I realized we have much in common; we are both sad by the world we live in right now, we can both be fearful at times and yet we both have astoundingly great hope and faith in this journey we are on. I may have read this book more than once, which is what I do when I realize I have something in common with the author. I’m sorry I didn’t realize this about Maria, until now.

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Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

If you haven’t heard of this book you may live under a rock. It has been out for a couple of years now and although I bought it when it came out, I finished it this year. I kept putting it down; it felt hard to me, it felt too sad, I would get discouraged and wonder how I could make any difference. But one day my twelve year-old daughter told me how angry she felt learning about the Civil Rights Movement in school, so I figured the best way to teach her about injustice in our world was to walk through it with her, together. We teamed up and read these books; we cried, we prayed, and we talked about how to be messengers of justice. I guess there was a reason I didn’t read it until now. This book has stayed with me.

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High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard

No one can believe I read this book. I cannot believe I read this book! It’s not really my jam. But I was looking to make a turn in my career; I was looking to pick up speed and make some positive changes and someone recommended this book to me. Did I ever, while reading it, want to throw it at said person’s head? Yes! Many times. But did I? No. Because sometimes we read for fun, sometimes we read for insight and sometimes we read because we know we are made for more...but just can’t figure out how to get there. That was what this book did for me. It gave me keys. Keys I still use to this day.

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