And the Winner of the Great Literary Tournament Is...

Adrian Liang on March 29, 2016

After more than 50 duels between 64 of the greatest literary characters ever written, the two finalists faced off in the arena: Harry Potter, the boy wizard. And Sherlock Holmes, the world's greatest detective.

Amazon Book ReviewOne man had a single friend by his side, the faithful Watson. His opponent had rows of friends, plus an owl or two, supporting his bid. Both contenders called England their home. Both had risked their lives against fearsome villains and were battle-tempered before engaging in this contest to determine the ultimate literary champion. Neither one had faced a serious challenge in the book battle...until now.

It was a close-fought duel, with no clear winner until the final moment, when Harry Potter unleashed a spell that Sherlock Holmes couldn't counter with a quick-thinking defensive move. Holmes graciously admitted defeat, but it was clear to all that he would willingly reengage in another bout should the occasion arise.

Harry PotterOur ultimate literary champion is Harry Potter. Congratulations, Harry!

But Harry's adventures aren't over! Harry Potter and the Cursed Child--the play that will premier in London at the end of July--also hits shelves on July 31 and is set nineteen years after The Deathly Hallows.

The full Great Literary Tournament bracket is below. Click to expand.

Final Bracket

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