Best Romances of April: 7 Top Picks

Adrian Liang on April 09, 2018

April's romances range from thoroughly satisfying new books by favorite authors to a handful of taut romantic suspense novels, with a pair of excellent sports romances thrown in there for good measure. And don't forget the shape-shifting honey badgers.

Below are seven of our favorites from this month. Click here to see all fourteen books we picked as the best romances of the month.

The Thief: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward - The newest addition to Ward's addictive Black Dagger Brotherhood series puts a former cat burglar in an unlooked-for position of power when she becomes the only person who can bring vampire Assail out of a coma…and who can turn back a deadly enemy that threatens the Brotherhood.

Hot and Badgered (The Honey Badgers) by Shelly Laurenston - Three half sisters, all of whom are shifters and part honey badger, begin their adventures in Hot and Badgered, a hilarious, hard-hitting new series from the delightfully unpredictable Laurenston. When Charlie Taylor-MacKilligan first encounters grizzly shifter Berg Dunn, she's naked and needs his gun. It makes a huge impression on him; she's unfortunately not wearing her glasses and doesn't even recognize him the next time they cross paths. But as a shadowy foe stalks Charlie and her crazy half-sisters, Berg realizes that the notorious honey badgers can actually be charming…when they're not trying to tear his head off. Nonstop action and zaniness.

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What a Difference a Duke Makes: School for Dukes by Lenora Bell - Mari Perkins won't let the theft of all her world possessions stop her, but it was certainly a good incentive to take the daring leap of talking her way into the position of governess at the Duke of Banksford's London home. His newly-discovered illegitimate children need someone who will listen; Banksford needs someone who can show him how to parent. Luckily, the unstoppable Mari can do these things…as well as capture the duke's heart. Bell deals head on with the queasy situation of a duke wanting to bed one of his female servants, and you'll cheer for both Banksford and Mari as they find their way toward each other.

What Are You Afraid Of? (The Agency) by Alexandra Ivy - When the author of a true-crime bestseller is sent photographs of apparent murder scenes, Carmen can't convince anyone to take her seriously except tech genius Griffin Archer, even though their own relationship is rocky. As they join forces to pursue grisly clues trailing across the country, a remote motel, Carmen's wealthy childhood home, and the four serial killers who Carmen interviewed all intertwine in a tense, sexy thriller that delivers on the sweeter emotions as well.

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On the Line: A Milwaukee Dragons Novel by Liz Lincoln - When out-of-work science teacher Carrie Herron agrees to be a nanny for her brother's friend, she doesn't realize that Seth Chamberlain is not only a guy she met earlier and exchanged a few hot text messages with, but he's also a professional football player, a well-meaning dad of a teenager, and a really nice guy. He's also off-limits as her boss, and she really needs the job. Seth and Carrie both try to set and maintain boundaries, but sometimes love knows no rules.

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Be a Good Girl by Tess Diamond - I admit I thought Be a Good Girl was going to be a thinly veiled The Silence of the Lambs ripoff, but Diamond neatly turned my assumptions on their head and instead concocted a tense romantic thriller in which a serial killer's last victim might be more important than anyone ever expected. Don't read this while alone in the house.

The Family Gathering (Sullivan's Crossing) by Robyn Carr - In the fourth book of the series, all of the Jones siblings finally come together for a family wedding, including Dakota, who expects to merely pass through Sullivan's Crossing on his way to his new life, whatever that may be. But both the townspeople and his newly reunited family are a gravity Dakota can't resist…and so is the one woman in Sullivan's Crossing whom he can't stay away from. Another heartwarming, vulnerable story from the talented Carr.

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