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Seira Wilson on December 21, 2018

At last the weekend is here, and we're planning on spending time between last minute shopping, wrapping, and cleaning reading a good book or two.  Our picks include a dive into genetics that has some interesting tips on Icelandic dating habits, a novel about the relationship between Lee Miller and the artist Man Ray, and a new thriller with plenty of secrets from a popular bestselling author.  Is it 5:00 yet? We're ready to get reading...

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Although I read this book last year, I'm going to pick it up again this weekend because, well, I forget stuff I wish I'd retained. And Rutherford's delightful, articulate, and often funny explanations of our genetic past might come in handy should I or a close family member receive one of those popular genetic testing kits as a holiday gift. Rutherford explains why most Europeans are related to both Vikings and Charlemagne, but Gaelic speakers are more genetically unlike each other than you might suppose. He also delves into the dating habits of Icelanders (they are quite careful, as surnames can mask close relationships), plus the blind spots in genetic tests due to lack of data. I'm looking forward to learning—again!—about what our genes both say and are mum upon about who we are and where we came from. —Adrian Liang

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Lee Miller was already an accomplished model when she made her way to Paris in the 1930s, but her aim was to be behind the camera. A chance meeting with famed Surrealist photographer Man Ray set her plan in motion, and revealed that Miller’s artistic ability--and her ambition—rivaled her mentor’s (and eventual lover). Whitney Scharer’s sumptuous debut novel, The Age of Light captures their passionate, and complicated, relationship, and pays homage to the pluck, determination and profound talents of a woman occasionally relegated to a footnote in Man Ray’s history.-- Erin Kodicek

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Last year readers devoured One of Us Is Lying--a twisty thriller that kept you guessing until the end.  Now McManus has a new mystery to tempt us with: Two Can Keep a Secret.  A small town with a dark history is going to be Ellery's new home and things get off to a dangerous start.  Secrets are nothing new to Ellery, her mother and grandmother have been keeping plenty, but it looks like she's going to have a lot more to contend with in her new home.  Can't wait to see how McManus works this all out and fingers crossed it's as good as her last... -- Seira Wilson

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