An Excerpt of "The X-Files"...for Kids

Seira Wilson on August 16, 2017

XFiles_200When it ended last year the X-Files was one of the longest-running shows on network television with undeniably devoted fans.  The show may be done, but FBI agents Scully and Mulder are cemented in our pop culture history and illustrator Kim Smith is bringing them to a new audience--kids.   The X-Files Earth Children Are Weird is a bright, fun, picture book, and in it Smith shows young Scully and Mulder already engaged in their believer/skeptic dynamic during a backyard sleepover.  While the characters try to sort out the evidence, readers will already be in the know, and the end has a funny twist that should produce a few chuckles.  Below are a couple of pages from the book, and below that, a special illustration that Smith created exclusively for the Amazon Book Review.  Here's what Smith has to say about the X-Files...

What I love most about the X-Files is the stories that have nothing to do with the main alien mystery/conspiracy. I always loved seeing what new paranormal mystery Mulder and Scully would explore, and what twists and turns the story would take. My favorite storyline in these types of episodes was the one called Bad Blood, where Mulder and Scully retell their versions of the same series of events. It gives great insight into how they view things differently, and also, it’s hilarious. 




Now this illustration you won't find anywhere in the book -- it's an exclusive image of Scully and Mulder enjoying one of our favorite pastimes...reading stacks of books.



So what's Kim Smith working on now? One of my favorite aliens from the 1980s, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (out October 31st). 

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