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Editor on October 30, 2016

Our colleagues at Audible have some more audiobook recommendations for you....

You know the feeling – you’ve just heard that your favorite actor, or musician, or comedian is releasing a new memoir and you’re jumping with joy. You can’t wait to dive into the intimate and entertaining hi-jinks and anecdotes inked onto every page, and develop an even closer relationship with the celebrity you already adore. But what if you could have the author read his or her story directly to you? You could have their personal narrative whispered in your ear or spoken aloud while you’re lying in bed, walking the dog, or painting your house. With audiobooks performed by the authors, these celebrities can become your running partners and your commute confidantes.

Your reading experience is about to get a lot more personal with Audible, and these touching, heartfelt, hilarious, and informative books read by their creators:

CuredCURED: THE TALE OF TWO IMAGINARY BOYS by Lol Tolhurst, narrated by the author

This deeply moving and engaging memoir by one of the founding members of The Cure is even more captivating when Lol is reading it himself. Hear him detail the origins and creation of one of the most beloved bands of all time, and his own return from the brink of self-destruction. Tolhurst looks back on his life with clear-eyed honestly, and delivers an inspiring account of his redemption in his honest and impassioned voice.


The astronaut puts you inside the suit, with all the zip and buoyancy of life in microgravity. Massimino shares what it was like to find himself strapped to a giant rocket that’s about to go from zero to 17,500 miles per hour, and you feel the excitement and adventure right along with him. Listen on the bus and you may feel yourself prepping for liftoff.

Born-CrimeBORN A CRIME: STORIES FROM A SOUTH AFRICAN CHILDHOOD by Trevor Noah, narrated by the author

One of the comedy world’s fastest-rising stars tells his wild coming-of-age story during the twilight of apartheid in South Africa and tumultuous days of freedom that followed. Noah provides something deeper than traditional memoirists: powerfully funny observations about how farcical political and social systems play out in our lives. These stories are ten times as bizarre, tender, and hilarious when Noah reads them aloud, creating distinct and outrageous voices for each of his family members and bringing his childhood to life with the distinct brand of gleeful light-footed and cutting humor that fans of The Daily Show have come to expect of him.

MotherDIGGING UP MOTHER: A LOVE STORY by Doug Stanhope, narrated by the author

This memoir follows the comedian’s absurd, chaotic, and often obscene life as it intersects with that of his best friend, his biggest fan, and the love of his life: his mother. As fans of Stanhope’s stand-up will attest, Doug is not a “by-the-book” type of guy, and this audiobook is no exception. It’s really more of a “director’s cut commentary,” that creates a truly unique listening experience with additional off-script riffs throughout. This wildly fun audiobook is as distinct as the comedian’s own brand of humor. Be careful listening at the gym, as you might laugh yourself off of your exercise bike – but no worries, laughter burns calories too.

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