"Last Block" Around the Globe

Lynette Mong on August 15, 2011

51VzpyJ6cKL._BO2,204,203,200_AA300_SH20_OU01_ Christopher Herz, author of The Last Block in Harlem, made a name for himself (and his debut novel) by handselling it to readers in New York City. Since publishing the book more than a year ago, Herz has kept us up-to-date on how this grassroots readership continues to spread the love as families, friends, and book clubs share The Last Block in Harlem with each other.

Recently, Herz sent us a few of his favorite photos, collected from book clubs throughout the United States and abroad, all reading The Last Block in Harlem.

Find all of Herz's favorite book club photos after the jump.



"Gathered at the birthplace of Helen Keller and dressed in their SEC  jerseys. They've become extended family. One block can extend beyond the physical confines of cement." 




Dubai "Skyped with this book club in Dubai at 5 a.m., Harlem time. Much love." 












  CostaRicA! "Lounging by the pool, the fire hydrants spraying might just have a reach down to Costa Rica."










DundeeScotland "An old castle is filled with another tale--bricks from Harlem to bricks in Scotland."







"Jersey brought down the house for this book club--nobody had a voice left by the time it was over."






KenoshaWI "The Midwest brought out bottles of wine and old high school burn books. Connected forever."







"Snow falling outside but heated talks and amazing conversation keep this club going into the night."






SouthAfrica "Light just seemed to shoot from all angles of this pic. Anything is possible."

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