The Books of the States: Florida (27 electoral votes; Guest: Maud Newton)

Tom on November 14, 2008

Quarter_florida_hurston Ah, Florida. What a luxury this year that, for a change, we can think of "Florida" and "electoral votes" together with books, not chads, in mind. But whatever map we're talking about, Florida is a big state, and I'm very glad we were able to bring in a local expert to make our initial delegate selections for us. If you've been reading book blogs for any amount of time, you know Maud Newton. Along with Jessa Crispin and Mark Sarvas and George Murray and Edward Champion and many others, she was one of the pioneers and remains one of the presiding spirits of the books blogosphere--I first came across Maud what seems like decades but must only have been a few years ago, and even though she has sensibly slowed her posting down to a few times a week now, it's still one of the addresses I visit most often. She has great reading taste and superbly sharp opinions and manages the trick of opening up her blog to other voices while keeping its strong personal character.

And she's from Florida. She grew up in Miami and then went up to Gainesville for that familiar two-fer: a writing and a law degree. The writing won out: she's now a former tax attorney, living, editing, and writing (like everyone) in Brooklyn. And I hope before long I'll be able to link to a book of hers on Amazon--I'm told there's a novel-in-progress, with an excerpt coming out in Narrative this winter. She was gracious enough to take on one of the largest states in the land (for which I am very thankful--I'm no dummy: Texas and California are coming up too in the next week and I've marshaled some expert help there too), and here are her 27 nominees for our Sunshine State shelf:

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