Celebrity Picks: Ian Falconer's Favorite Reads of 2017

Seira Wilson on December 27, 2017

IanFalconer225.jpgIan Falconer's precocious porcine character has been delighting children since she arrived on the page in Olivia which promptly won a Caldecott Honor award. Since then, Falconer has sent Olivia to the circus among other adventures, including her latest as Olivia the Spy, a book we selected as one of our editors' picks for the best children's books of 2017.

A book by Maurice Sendak appears in Ian Falconer's picks below, along with two very interesting companions and commentary about why he chose these particular books.  

Ian Falconer’s favorite reads of 2017

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Higgledy Piggledy Pop by Maurice Sendak

This is a slightly mournful tale about a dog named Jenny who runs away from home. All in black and white, the various episodes are very funny yet surreal. A giant baby, a pig who wears sandwich boards advertising sandwiches and on. I once said to Mr. Sendak that I thought that that was my favorite of his books. He bellowed back at me, in his usual way “So do I!!! I don’t know why other people don’t get it!!!”

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Caprice by Ronald Firbank
Another surreal (bordering on incomprehensible) book. A young woman goes to London to be on the stage. On her arrival, confused, she is taken up by a kind stranger who takes her off to a lunch party at a fashionable restaurant. The guests are odd city creatures, including, among others, A Miss Whipsina Peters, “daughter of the famous flagellist”.

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The Manchurian Candidate by Richard Condon
Read this thrilling tale of a bombastic blowhard presidential candidate who is elected through the nefarious machinations of an enemy power. Or just read the papers.

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