On the podcast: authors we fell for in the last decade

Chris Schluep on March 09, 2020

Podcast_Graphic_250x250.jpgSince the onset of 2020, we've seen a lot of Best of the Last Decade lists come out—and the more lists like this we encounter, the more they lead to discussions on the editorial team. One of the more interesting discussions we've had recently was Which authors did you read last decade who really stuck with you?

In other words, and to paraphrase Erin Kodicek: which authors would you read even if they published a shopping list?

That is the topic of our latest podcast. One of the difficult things about a discussion like this is that you wind up leaving off more than you include, and we may revisit this topic later, even if it's from a slightly different angle. But there's more than enough for book lovers to chew on in this one.

At the end of the podcast is an interview with Colin O'Brady, an adventurer and author who completed a solo crossing of the land mass of Antarctica. Our own Adrian Liang fell in love with his book The Impossible First and interviewed him for an Amazon fishbowl (i.e. she interviewed him in front of a large group of Amazon employees) about his life, his book, and his optimistic worldview.

Here are some highlights:

Sarah, Erin, Vannessa, and Chris discuss the authors we fell in love with last decade + Colin O'Brady


You can find links to the podcast here:

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