Friday Afternoon Videos: This Is the World We Live In

Tom on May 23, 2008

Jeff's taking a few days' breather, and, as it happens, I happen to have two book videos I want to share Friday, that is, today (and I'm not going to wait until the night to do it). Now that every author is supposed to make a video to promote their book, we get questions all the time about what makes a good author video. Well, look no further. Yesterday, I posted a clip from John Green on the page for his YA novel, Paper Towns, which comes out in the fall, which was homemade-hilarious enough that I wanted to post it here too:

Only after posting it did I find out how he got so comfortable with the camera: he does these things, like, every day with his equally bright (well, you can debate which one's your favorite) brother Hank, and posts them on their supersite, For example, watch a recent bit about Paper Towns' two covers. John's also the author, by the way, of An Abundance of Katherines and Looking for Alaska.

But that's only the second-best video I found yesterday. While I was in John Green-land (and you can spend a lot of time there very quickly, to put words in Yogi Berra's mouth), I came across this gem on his blog, which is not only beautiful in its own right but sums up many of the mysteries of my profession and describes, with knowing and rueful precision, exactly what I am doing right now, instead of, say reading or writing a book:

Who is Dennis Cass? Until now I didn't know, but it looks like he's the author of Head Case: How I Almost Lost My Mind Trying to Understand My Brain. Something tells me, after this gets around (somebody else already forwarded it to me today), more people will know that. Or else he'll just drop the writing thing altogether and take Samberg's gig on the late night show. --Tom

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