Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of March

Adrian Liang on March 12, 2018

We have a marvelously eclectic group of stories this month as well as longtime genre favorites among our picks for the best science fiction and fantasy books of March. Epic fantasy? Check. Sci-fi thriller? Check. Absurdist humor? Oh, yes. Pioneer horror? Yep--we got it.

Read on to learn more about six new March books that grabbed our attention from the first page to the last, or check out the full list of the the best science fiction and fantasy books of the month.

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi -Not just one of the best fantasy books of March, Children of Blood and Bone is our editors' pick for the best debut of the month among all books published in March. Says editor Seira Wilson, "Enriched with themes that resonate in today’s social and political landscape, Children of Blood and Bone takes on injustice, discrimination, and a struggle for change. The action and danger ramp up with each chapter, and I found myself racing through the final pages, holding my breath right up to the cliffhanger ending." This series-starter is wowing customers as well, with an average rating today of 4.7 stars.

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The Warrior Within by Angus McIntyre - Karsman just wants to keep his head down and continue to fly under the radar in a small village on an unimportant planet, but the arrival of three soldiers on the hunt for a woman upend his best intentions. When he was younger, Karsman had various personalities and skills uploaded into his head a la the Matrix, and now he's having trouble battling back the warrior who wants to fight the soldiers, the diplomat who wants to bend the situation to his own desires, and others...and, more unsettling, a possible personality who seems to be taking over Karsman without his awareness. This tightly wound, immersive sci-fi thriller pulls it all together in the end.

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Daughters of the Storm by Kim Wilkins - Readers who enjoy politically complex epic fantasy will want to submerge themselves in Wilkins' tale of a poisoned king and his five daughters who are trying to save him...or take the crown after his death. Each daughter has her own agenda and her own voice, but I found Bluebell, whose magnificent strengths on the battlefield don't translate into the strategy she needs in the throne room, to be the most engaging.

Lake Silence by Anne Bishop -When Vicki moves to a remote new town, she hopes to rebuild her life and her self-esteem. But when a murder on her property brings her into the world of the Others, a paranormal group of beings who sometimes collaborate with and sometimes eat humans, her eyes are opened to a whole new power paradigm. This begins a new story arc within the Others series, with some characters reappearing from old books but the focus tightening this time in on the humans who live amongst the Others. As always, Bishop's book grabs you from the beginning and doesn't let go.

The Hunger by Alma Katsu - Atmospheric horror meets the Donner Party story in Katsu's retelling of the doomed pioneers. The bloody death of a pioneer family's child is first blamed on animals or Indians, but as the west-bound group loses more and more people, it becomes clear that something beyond the usual dangers is to blame. Katsu bounces between various pioneers' points of view, heightening the tension between the group members even as they are being preyed upon from the outside.

The Coincidence Makers: A Novel by Yoav Blum -If you enjoy absurdity and gentle comedy, The Coincidence Makers might be the exact right novel to hit your funny bone. Part of a group who engineers elaborate coincidences, Guy, Emily, and Eric spend months orchestrating a perfect series of events to achieve the necessary outcome--an outcome that could be essential to another coincidence being crafted by those at higher levels. But when Guy is recruited for a much bigger mission, he and his friends learn that there's even more hidden behind the curtain than they ever imagined.

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