Amazon Book Review Podcast: Looking Ahead to 2019, and an Interview with Chef Magnus Nilsson

Jon Foro on January 04, 2019


Hardly anyone likes the sound of their own voice. I bet Prince did, and rightfully so. But I'm no Prince. I'm much happier talking through this dusty, crusty old keyboard. But like the post office, we won't let that kind of minor embarrassment stop us from putting out episodes of the Amazon Book Review Podcast, which now total seven!

In our latest, we turn our attention to some of the books we're most looking forward to in 2019, and Seira Wilson interviews Magnus Nilsson, the world-renowned chef and author of several bestselling cookbooks in including The Nordic Baking Book. Don't let the conversation about gingerbread houses throw you—in Scandinavia, holiday celebrations continue well into January.

See the show notes below for a run-down of the books discussed in the podcast. All episodes are available on iTunes and TuneIn – and don't forget to subscribe.

Show Notes

2019 books that we can't wait to read (1:23): 

Seira Wilson's interview with chef Magnus Nilsson (12:30):

"I'm a very intuitive cook—it's my profession. I cook almost every day, and I'm very good at cooking. But I don't bake every day, and I'm by no means equally good at baking as I am at cooking—which I think has been an asset writing this book, actually...."

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