The best romances of June

Adrian Liang on June 10, 2019

In June, friends make the perfect lovers. A divorced couple who get a second chance together, a football star who falls for the coach’s daughter, a woman with a secret she can’t bear to share, and a man who needs a fake date all make decisions good and bad on the rocky road to happily ever after.

New books from Nalini Singh, Beverly Jenkins, Christine Feehan, and Bella Andre are also among our top romance reads of June. Click on the link at the bottom of the page to see the best romances of the month plus new heartfelt fiction.

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The Perfect Date by Evelyn Lozada

Single-mom Angel Gomez might be my favorite heroine of 2019. She's trying to get her nursing degree to help make a better life for herself and her son, and between her hours at the hospital followed by her second job at a cocktail lounge, she doesn't have time for a relationship. But when professional baseball pitcher Duke Lewis needs to a cover story for why he was at Angel's hospital to avoid revealing his hurt ankle to the team's manager, he suggests Angel be his temporary fake girlfriend. And Angel's friends and her son won't let her say no to finally having a bit of fun. Despite the posh parties, the fancy cars, and the dreamy dresses, Angel's BS-detector is always set on high, delivering some of the funniest and truest scenes in contemporary romance. While Duke might be a sports star, all the cheers should be for Angel Gomez.

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Letters to Molly (Maysen Jar) by Devney Perry

Six years after Molly and Finn's divorce, they seem to have figured out how to make it work. Their two kids have settled in to the routine of separate, cordial parents, and Molly tries to ignore stories about Finn's girlfriend from her best friend/Finn's sister. But then letters from Finn start appearing in Molly's mailbox. Written to her during their courtship, wedding, and the final moments of their marriage, Finn's letters never left his possession, and he can't figure out who's sending them now. Each letter--good and bad--reopens unhealed wounds from their relationship, forcing Molly and Finn to finally talk about their problems and rebuild their strengths as a couple. This second-chance romance travels into the most damaged places of the soul as it walks a path toward forgiveness.

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The Friend Zone (End of the Line) by Sariah Wilson

The first in two "friend zone" books this month, Wilson's novel is strong on the feels and light on the sex. With a scholarship to EOL College, quarterback Logan is given his final chance to move beyond his rough past and maybe, just maybe, prove himself good enough to be part of the NFL draft. The college's highly respected football coach has plenty of rules--no alcohol, no parties, no drugs, no girlfriends or sex--but Logan is sure they won't be a problem. Then he meets Jess, the coach's daughter. She has plenty of reasons not to trust football players, but a tutoring session launches an unlikely, soul-deep friendship that both yearn to turn into something more. A marvelous read.

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The Friend Zone by Abby Jimenez

When Josh and Kristen literally collide in a minor fender-bender, they're not off to a great start. But Josh needs extra cash, and Kristen needs a carpenter to build the custom-ordered dog furniture she sells, and they agree to put up with each other. Irritation eases into respect and finally into friendship. Knowing that a secret medical condition means she can't have kids and that Josh really wants kids, Kristen friend-zones Josh despite their joy in each other's company. But love has a way of changing where they set the friend-zone boundaries, and Jimenez makes it clear that some struggles make relationships even stronger.

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