Team Paper, or Paperwhite?

Erin Kodicek on February 21, 2018

Do you prefer paper books or do you like to read on a Kindle or reading app? Honestly, I don't much care; even a stone tablet is fine, as long as reading is happening. But this is a passionate (and divisive) question for some. For me, it depends. If I'm just sitting at home, sipping some wine, it's no contest: I like the look, feel, heft and even the smell of a hardcover or paperback. But even as an admitted paper-lover, there are certain instances when I really enjoy having a Kindle handy. 

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When My Book Is BIG

The last time I was on a flight, I took Ken Follett's latest with me. Clocking in at 925 pages, it's (mercifully) a wonderful, immersive read--but bigger, and heavier, than the president's last prenup. What possessed me to schlep that book, and three others, on a cross country trip is beyond me; I was really wishing I had downloaded them on Kindle, and spared my back some grief.

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When I'm Commuting

I've got a lengthy bus ride to work and I really like having a variety of reading material at my fingertips, especially when I'm a bit impatient and have the attention span of a gnat. This morning I dipped into Walter Isaacson's Leonardo Da Vinci, which reminded me of a book called The Geography of Genius, which didn't remind me of Food Network Magazine but then I felt like having a look at that instead.

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When I Don't Want You to Know What I'm Reading

A colleague rued the day Kindle became popular--not because she has anything against e-readers, but because she missed getting on the subway and being able to see what everyone was reading. When I think back to when we had this conversation, I'm guessing a lot of those people were reading 50 Shades of Grey. Maybe they didn't want anyone knowing they're into...fine literature, or that they like to craft with cat hair, or that they're impatient and have the attention span of a gnat. Your secret's safe with Kindle.

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When You Want to Keep the Relationship Peace

My partner enjoys watching "murder shows" in the wee hours, things like Forensic Files and the simply ominous Gone--just in case she wants to do away with me and not have anyone find the body (honey, it's out there!). I had murderous thoughts of my own as the TV illuminated the room, and--despite the fact that she would wear headphones--I could still hear the characters unwittingly plotting against me. Now I've convinced her to read murder mysteries on my Paperwhite instead. It's got a built-in book light that won't wake whomever is next to you, and unlike Melatonin-depleting tablets and smartphones, it's sleep hygiene-friendly too.

Whether you're team paper, or team Paperwhite (or somewhere in between), I wish all of you happy reading!

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