The Best Mysteries & Thrillers of February

Chris Schluep on February 19, 2019

Under normal circumstances, when we've selected a thriller as our debut spotlight as we did this month, I would include it in a post like this. But The Silent Patient doesn't need our help right now. That's not to say the books I am mentioning need help. There are best-sellers in the list below, thank you very much. But The Silent Patient is the book of the moment. So here are four other momentous books. And as always, you can see all of our Best Mysteries & Thrillers of the Month here.

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Stalker by Lars Kepler - Writing duo (and husband and wife) Alexandra Coelho Ahndoril and Alexander Ahndoril had written novels separately before adopting their pen name, Lars Kepler. Stalker is part of the "Joona Linna" series, which also includes The Sandman and The Hypnotist and has sold more than thirteen million copies in forty languages. In The Stalker, a serial killer is sending videos of future victims to the the Swedish National Crime Unit, playing a sadistic game of cat and mouse. 

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American Spy by Lauren Wilkinson - This debut, a spy novel set during the Cold War, stars a young black woman named Marie Mitchell. Marie is working for the FBI, where she's having a tough time moving up through the Old Boys' Club, so when an opportunity comes to do contract work for the CIA in Burkina Faso--where Thomas Sankara is promoting a Communist ideology--she takes it. But the world is complicated, things are complicated, and they get very complicated for Marie Mitchell.  

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Early Riser by Jasper Fforde - This is a dystopic science fiction novel, but it's also a thriller. In her Best of the Month review, Amazon's Allison Walker writes, "Jasper Fforde has a way with words and worlds. His latest novel is set in an alternate Wales where most of the human population hibernates through the deadly winter months. A few people—members of the Winter Consul Service—stay awake to watch over the sleepers and to ensure that everyone has a peaceful winter. Enter Charlie Worthing, who is embarking on his first winter and attempting to navigate the ins and outs of his new job, complete with intense isolation, nebulous Wintervolk, and the stray zombified aristocrat. The last thing Charlie is equipped for is a visit to Sector Twelve. The story is told, of course, with Fforde’s particular brand of winking humor, which fans of his previous books will love. All in all, this book is a delightful romp through an eye-blinkingly new world. "

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The Lost Man by Jane Harper - We have been big fans of Jane Harper from the beginning. In her review of Harper's new novel, Amazon Senior Editor Seira Wilson writes, "The Australian outback has never looked as bleak and dangerous as it does in Jane Harper’s latest, The Lost Man. The stockman’s grave is a dark local landmark, the origin of urban legends, and now the site of another mysterious death. There is no detective chasing a killer in The Lost Man; only Nathan, the dead man’s brother, trying to work out how his sibling ended up where and how he did. Family history plays an important role in the story: Nathan, his brother Bub, and their now-dead brother Cam were raised in a house beset by violence. Their father is deceased, but all three brothers have stayed on to work and live in the incredibly harsh surroundings. Cam was the solid one, always responsible, the brother everyone liked. So how did he, of all people, end up dead? Deceptive twists sneak up on the reader, and with The Lost Man Harper has crafted another slow burn mystery that catches the reader unaware right up to the surprise ending. "

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