Children's books honoring Pride month

Seira Wilson on June 12, 2020

Children's books honoring Pride month

June is LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, and it's a time to commemorate the past and celebrate a unity among people that defies labels. While this year may see a difference in how people come together, it hasn't dampened the spirit of community around the world. Every year we see new children's books about LGBTQIA+ identity that inform and inspire, encouraging all of us to be proud of who we are, and proud of those around us. Here is a handful of new titles to share in honor of Pride Month.

Pride 1 2 3 by Michael Joosten

Bright, bold colors celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community and the Pride Parade. Little ones join the fun, share the love, and learn how to count from one to ten with rainbow flags, diverse families, and people who come together to stand up for equality. Ages 1 to 5.

Rick by Alex Gino

Rick and Jeff have been best friends since elementary school, but now they've started middle school and Rick starts to notice that Jeff is...a bully. As Rick struggles with how to handle this unpleasant realization he finds himself drawn to the Rainbow Spectrum club, a place where kids can talk freely and explore their identities. It's a safe space, and in it Rick finds the courage to investigate his own identity, and to stand up for his beliefs. Ages 8 to 12.

Rainbow Revolutionaries: Fifty LGBTQ+ People Who Made History by Sarah Prager

A fun and informative illustrated biography of 50 LGBTQIA+ revolutionaries from around the world. The subjects include familiar and lesser known figures from the past and present who have had a significant impact on the world we live in. From Chinese emperor Wen of Han to U.S. Olympic medalist Adam Rippon, each inspiring biography offers fascinating details about these trailblazers' lives that will both educate and entertain readers.  Ages 8 to 12. 

Peanut Goes for the Gold by Jonathan Van Ness

In his first book for children, Jonathan Van Ness, star of the hit Netflix series Queer Eye, introduces little ones to a very special guinea pig named Peanut. Peanut does things their own way, and with great enthusiasm; from giving themselves a new hairdo to coming up with the perfect rhythmic gymnastics routine. This gender nonbinary character encourages kids to not just be themselves, but to love their unique qualities. Ages 4 to 8.

What Was Stonewall? by Nico Medina

Stonewall changed lives, and this book teaches young readers how a spontaneous uprising against police harassment at New York City's gay-friendly Stonewall Inn in 1969 gave momentum to the civil rights movement for LGBTQ equality. Kids learn of the struggles and unfair conditions so many have lived under, of people forced to hide who they are for fear of repercussions and abuse. Stonewall was a response to that. And What Was Stonewall is an excellent introduction to a historic event, one that invites further conversation. Ages 8 to 12.

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