Rebecca Zanetti's Favorite Recent Reads

Adrian Liang on June 27, 2018

Ten years ago, paranormal romances were so hot with readers that the shelves were crammed with stories of werewolves, vampires, dragons, fallen angels, sorceresses, and just about anything weird or magical that a writer could make sexy. Today, the swing of readership toward contemporary romances has eroded the paranormal subgenre—but some authors, like Rebecca Zanetti, continue to thrive. This month Zanetti launches with Vampire’s Faith a new story arc in her action-packed and sizzling Dark Protectors books about vampires that find their perfect soul mates—who aren't afraid to stand up to them.

Zanetti also writes romantic suspense in her Sin Brothers and Blood Brothers series, among others, and hard-hitting apocalyptic romance in her Scorpius Syndrome books. Read on to discover which books she's been reading and recommending.

Hi, all! Life has been a bit crazy at my house as our oldest son graduated from high school this month and we’ve planned parties, attended get-togethers, and headed out of town for ‘Admitted Student Day’ at his soon-to-be college. In addition, my Vampire’s Faith releases this month, which is a return to the Dark Protectors with a whole new series arc for new readers. So, in other words, I’ve escaped into other fictional worlds more than once.

Here are three of my recommendations if you’d like to be taken away from reality just for a little while. Enjoy! —Rebecca

Beyond Control by Kat Martin

Kat is my go-to when it comes to gripping suspense, fascinating characters, and heated romance. I loved this book because the characters were so lovable and relatable, and the bad guy so, so, so bad. He’s an obsessive ex who’s stalking the heroine and her daughter, and the hero is an ex-sniper trying to protect them. The villain is despicable to the point that you want to jump into the book and fight him yourself, but it’s a lot of fun to watch the strong heroine and very sexy hero take care of business. I cheered at the end of this one.

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The Missing Hours by Emma Kavanagh

I’ve been obsessed lately with Netflix BBC detective shows (you should really watch Luther), and this book is just like one of those! It's a really intriguing thriller about a woman who disappears for 24 hours, then shows up claiming to have no memory of what happened during that time period. The two detectives are siblings, a brother and a sister, and their different approaches to the twisty crime(s) is fascinating.

Hot and Badgered by Shelly Laurenston

Laurenston is one of the few authors who actually make me laugh out loud, regardless of where I happen to be reading one of her books. The heroine is a honey badger wolf, the hero a grizzly bear shifter, and I promise that comedic chaos quickly ensues. The characters are truly lovable, the plot is entertaining, and the world-building perfectly wild. I love these crazy characters in this series and wished I lived next door to all of them.


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