Celebrity Picks: Elias Weiss Friedman's Favorite Reads of 2017

Jon Foro on November 09, 2017

Elias-Friedman225In 2015, Friedman published The Dogist, a bestselling collection 1,000 images of dogs collected from his wildly successful blog. There's only one way to go from there: The Dogist Puppies, a book filled with 1,000 pictures of puppies, of course. With sections on Ears, Big Paws, Cones of Shame, Learning to Walk, and Fancy Outfits, let's just all stop reading this and buy it for the dog-lover in your life, how many of them there might be.

What does Friedman like to read? It's not always this adorable (but sometimes it is). See his picks below, and look here for the latest celebrity favorites.

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More Than Human by Tim Flach
I'm in awe of photographer Tim Flach's ability to capture animals in an intimate and captivating way. It seems like the animal knows it's having his portrait taken. This is what I aspire to do with dogs. Flach's talent connecting with so many different animal breeds is incredible and creates powerful photography.

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A Man and His Watch by Matt Hranek
I collect mechanical watches because I think there's something romantic about their permanence. Each watch has a history and the designs are timeless. This book depicts in words and photos special watches worn by the likes of FDR, Paul Newman, and Sir Edmund Hillary; the package is as beautiful as the watches.

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The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins
Dawkins coined the term "meme." In the book he talks about what makes a successful idea and explains that memes evolve just like genes do. When I first read the book in college, I had no idea how applicable it would be to my life today, but I read it again recently and realized it helped me understand the potential for The Dogist.

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