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Chris Schluep on March 07, 2019

The media has been chock full of books-related mentions this week. There is a final season of a groundbreaking television show on the horizon. There's the announcement of a new book club. There are awards announcements. Looking at the books we are talking about, it's evident that you can watch your stories, you can read them, and you can listen to them--and it just gets easier and easier to do all three. The difficult task is figuring out what to pay attention to. Hopefully, some of this information is helpful to you.

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With HBO's Game of Thrones set to start next month ( here is the trailer), the first book in the series is moving up the Charts list. Although those of us who watch the series are excited, it's kind of a bittersweet thing to see, because the show has moved ahead of the books.

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At Amazon, we hold events called "fishbowls." During a fishbowl, authors will come to Amazon to talk about their books in front of a big audience of Amazon employees. Back when Barbara and Jenna Bush were touring for their book Sisters First, we held a fishbowl in which Amazon editor Erin Kodicek interviewed the sisters (they were all great). Afterward in the green room I was struck by how well-read and interested they were in books. They pumped Erin for her opinions and they had opinions of their own. They were both big readers. So when we heard that Jenna Bush had started a book club, we knew it would be the real deal.


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Speaking of fishbowls, Michael Connelly stopped by this week to talk about his books, his Bosch series on Prime Video, and his new podcast. You should check out one, two, or all three (Connelly is also the real deal). Personally, I stream the shows and I am listening to the podcast. I am also very excited to read the next Ballard and Bosch novel (and seeing the final cover). It publishes in October.

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Finally, the Audie Awards for best audiobook were announced this week. The top award went to Tomi Adeyemi's Children of Blood and Bone, which also just happens to have been our Best Young Adult Book of 2018. Jon Foro covered all of the Audie Awards here.

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