Shakespeare Character Duel - Round 2!

Adrian Liang on April 23, 2016

Whew! Round one of our 16-character Shakespeare duel saw a few fast knockouts and a number of battles that went down to the final minutes. Below is the new bracket featuring the winners, each duel's results...and your chance to vote in Round 2!


UPDATE: The winner for the Shakespeare Character duel has been announced. Go HERE to find out who won the final duel!


The results:


Hamlet vs King Lear: Youth triumphed over experience as these two mad nobles fought it out. Lear eventually surrendered, though he can console himself that his defeat was not the worst among the eight duels.




Othello vs. Juliet - Juliet's angst and despair was no match for Othello's jealousy and rage, leading to a swift victory for the Moor. But how well will Othello stand up against Hamlet in Round 2? Your vote will decide.



Prospero vs. Lady Macbeth - The Bracket of Magic hosted the two closest duels in the round. Prospero edged out a win over Lady Macbeth, and gave a victory speech concluding with his boast, "What strength I have's mine own."


Puck vs. the Weird Sisters - Roguish Puck managed--through much effort--to hold off the three witches, dazzling their talents for prophecy with his own talent for absurdity. His win was hard-fought, and he'll go into Round 2 exhausted--but luckily for him, his competitor, Prospero, is in much the same shape.



Iago vs. Tamora - Over in the Villains bracket, the duels were among the most one-sided. Iago defeated Tamora quickly and decisively in what was for Iago an uncharacteristically straightforward battle.



Richard III vs. Aaron - The murderous king pummeled Aaron in the most lopsided battle among the eight duels. Richard next squares off against Iago, who also had a quick win, and the battle between these two fresh winners should be epic.



Kate vs. Falstaff - Well, Falstaff didn't help himself by showing up hungover to his battle with Kate. After toying with him for a while, Kate took him down and then walked away, saying, "Tamed? Bah!"


Beatrice vs. Benedick - Beatrice came out swinging hard in this battle, and its no wonder that Benedick capitulated quickly, though he was heard later muttering to his friends that he would have done better if they'd fought on his own home ground. Uh-huh. Keep telling yourself that. vote! If the survey doesn't work for you, feel free to write in your vote in our comments section.

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Thanks again to Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery, creators of Kill Shakespeare, for developing the brackets of this book duel!

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