Our picks from this month's Amazon First Reads selections

Al Woodworth on April 15, 2020


Every month, Amazon First Reads offers a collection of titles available a month early to readers. You can select one new pre-release Kindle book each month for $1.99 or one free if you’re a Prime member.

This month's selections include a memoir of poverty, resilience, and the South; a psychological thriller set off by a scuba diver who discovers a corpse during a dive; a budding romance that heats up during wedding season; and a past love that rocks a woman who was once steady in her marriage. Check out our picks below, and see the full Amazon First Reads list for even more books to chose from.

In the Shadow of the Valley: A Memoir by Bobi Conn

For fans of The Glass Castle and Janesville:

“Here, in this beautiful, complicated landscape, Bobi rewrites the ravaged and narrow myths of what it in means to grow up poor and sounding like the place you come from, showing us that thriving, like survival, never looks quite like what we’ve been taught to expect.”—Hafizah Geter, editor of In the Shadow of the Valley

The Girl Beneath the Sea by Andrew Mayne

An underwater thriller that will make you “remember the first rule of scuba diving: never hold your breath.”

“Sloan McPherson, the fearless lead character in Andrew Mayne’s new series…is far more comfortable below the waterline than above. When Sloan isn’t recovering bodies and evidence for the Lauderdale Shores police force, she is studying underwater archaeology. On one of Sloan’s academic dives in a murky canal…she hears a big splash nearby, she assumes it’s an alligator. But it’s much worse: a dead body has been dumped in the canal. Soon Sloan realizes she knows the victim and becomes embroiled in the crime—as an investigator and the investigated.”—Liz Pearsons, editor of The Girl Beneath the Sea

Bear and Fred: A World War II Story by Iris Argaman, illustrated by Avi Ofer, and translated by Annette Appel

A beautiful and touching story about the Holocaust and a stuffed animal named Bear.

"Based on a true story and told through the eyes of a Jewish boy’s teddy bear, Bear and Fred is a book that touches the soul. It’s World War II, and Bear doesn’t understand why his boy, Fred Lessing, is being forced to leave his family, live with strangers, and lie about who he is. Bear is also desperately worried about being left behind. But through it all, Fred never leaves Bear. And Bear never leaves Fred.”—Marilyn Brigham, editor of Bear and Fred

Stories We Never Told: A Novel by Sonja Yoerg

Suspense, love, obsession, and secrets collide in Stories We Never Told.

“Jackie is, for the most part, content in her career and marriage. But she’s completely thrown when her former lover and colleague, Harlan, returns from sabbatical and strikes up a romance with Jackie’s new associate. Their relationship sends Jackie into a tailspin of obsession, secrets, and questioning, leading her to truths that shatter the carefully constructed walls of her life. Stories We Never Told is a gripping novel made all the more satisfying by author Sonja Yoerg’s masterful writing.”—Chris Werner, editor of Stories We Never Told

Love on Beach Avenue by Jennifer Probst

In the mood for a wedding rom-com? Look no further than Love on Beach Avenue.

“Jennifer’s Sunshine sisters bring all the charm and excitement of falling in love and planning a wedding—and not necessarily in that order! Bridezillas, overbearing older brothers, mean little Yorkies, and small-town charm round out this beachy romance. The Jersey shore has truly never been hotter.”—Maria Gomez, editor of Love on Beach Avenue

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