Amazon Book Review Podcast: A small fall preview, and Eve Ensler on "The Apology"

Jon Foro on August 19, 2019


Many of us cringe at the thought that summer is zooming by. But — especially for doom-oriented individuals like me — the signs are there. Shadows lengthen earlier in the evenings. Back to school advertisements try to convince us that children rejoice at the prospect of no more swimming and sleeping in. Football. But here we are, so let's embrace it. And one of the best ways we know how is to look forward to the avalanche of books coming out in September, October, and to lesser extent, November. (We won't speak of December.)

With that in mind, Adrian, Chris, and I sat down with the intent of dipping our toes into the pool of fall books. We each chose two titles — not necessarily the biggest books coming down the line, but ones that we're especially enthusiastic about. It's a token effort, but it's a start. And we'll certainly be addressing many more in the coming weeks and months. 

After that, Erin talks to Eve Ensler, author of The Apology. You may know her from the award-winning (and prescient) The Vagina Monologues, or the bestselling I Am an Emotional Creature: The Secret Life of Girls Around the World. A selection for Amazon's best books of the month in May, The Apology travels difficult territory: Written as if it were a letter from Ensler’s father, it recounts the sexual, physical, and psychological abuse he inflicted on her from the ages of five to 10, and acknowledges the ongoing effects on her life. But what could have been bleak turns out to be a project of redemption and release. Ensler's enthusiasm and optimism comes through in their conversation, or you can read a transcription of their talk here

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Show highlights

Highly anticipated fall titles from Adrian, Chris, and Jon:

Erin's interview with Eve Ensler (12:24):

"All my childhood, I longed for an apology. I just thought, 'There's going to come this moment where he's going to wake up and go, What have I done? I'm so sorry.' And do an accounting. That never happened. And he died 31 years ago. And I think all this time there's been this yearning in me, this hunger for that reckoning, for that apology." 

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