Best Romances of March: 7 Top Picks

Adrian Liang on March 07, 2018

While March is in full "lion" mode, these new romances will keep you toasty and warm. From a long-lost modern princess to a bookstore owner who joins forces with a hunky tattoo artist, these heroines are seizing their destiny.

You can also browse the full list of the best romances of the month, as well as our picks for the best heartfelt fiction.

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A Princess in Theory: Reluctant Royals by Alyssa Cole - Who hasn’t been harassed by emails claiming that you're an African prince's only hope? Naledi Smith thinks that a string of messages requesting that she get in contact with her long-lost royal fiancé is just a hoax, but the reality is stranger—and far more complex. Raised through the foster system and constantly needing to prove herself in her lab job—all without the safety net of family or money that the rest of her friends have—Ledi doesn’t have time for the charming Thabiso when he enters her life. Nor does she have time for the string of emails claiming that she's a mysterious African prince's only hope. But Thabiso is persuasive…even as he's trying to figure out how to break the news to Ledi that he's really-truly the prince she hasn't known she was waiting for. While Thabiso is charming, Ledi is the whip-smart, tough-as-nails star of A Princess in Theory, and there were dozens of times when I laughed at loud at her inner monologues. A thoroughly modern, thoroughly fun romance.

One and Only (Bridesmaids Behaving Badly) by Jenny Holiday - It's bad enough that Jane Denning has to deal with her bridezilla friend in the run-up to the wedding, but now she has to babysit the groom's black sheep half-brother, who has just come back from military service overseas. Though they initially rub each other the wrong way, Jane discovers that while Cameron MacKinnon is a daredevil, he's a caring one, even if he hasn't figured it out yet himself. Cam's book-ending gesture of love is so spot-on that women everywhere will raise the bar on what to expect from the men who profess that they are their one and only. Fabulously fun, and I gobbled it up on a single day.

Not Quite Crazy (Not Quite Series) by Catherine Bybee - Bybee tackles the conundrum of what to do when you start to fall for your boss—or, worse, the big boss—when you're a rising star in your new job. California transplant Rachel Price is not only new to New York City but also to parenting, as she is now the guardian of her best friend's teenage son. When she meets a nice guy who helps her hang her Christmas lights on her new house, she thinks that she might finally be able to have time for her own least until she and Jason realize that Rachel works for his company. After a rash of billionaire boy-man books in which icky sexual power plays become the basis of relationships, Bybee brings a practical but no less romantic take on a workplace love story. And, as always, Bybee keeps the emotional stakes high.

No Earls Allowed (The Survivors) by Shana Galen - Lady Juliana doesn't know much about boys or running an orphanage, but she's knows it's important that she step up and help the boys at the orphanage she is funding, even if her father's dearest wish is that she be a good lady and stay home. Returned from the wars and suffering from nightmares based on the missions he sent his soldiers on, Major Neil Wraxall doesn't know much about ladies but he knows how to command men (and orphaned boys). As Julia and Neil join forces to protect the foundlings, they learn not only how to work together but how to take real, positive actions that change the boys' lives for the better, healing some of the darkness inside Neil. And the way Neil and Julia go toe-to-toe while as equals is a welcome relationship amongst still too many historical romances in which men have to be taught that women are worthy of their respect.

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With This Man (A This Man Novel) by Jodi Ellen Malpas - Jesse Ward is so infuriating!,But fans of Malpas's This Man series ( This Man, Beneath This Man, and This Man Confessed) will be delighted to return to Jesse "The Lord" Ward and his bonkers need for control. When his happy life with his wife Ava suffers a breathtaking turn, Jesse reveals his vulnerabilities in chapters told mostly from his point of view. I think those who have read the earlier books will find it easier to see the love story despite Jesse's constant trampling of his wife's opinions, but Malpas pulls together a compelling story nonetheless. Come back to the Amazon Book Review next week to see our interview with Jodi Ellen Malpas.

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Bad Bachelor (Bad Bachelors) by Stefanie London - Better than a dating app? An app that honestly rates all the bachelors in New York City, letting prospective dates know if they're getting a genuinely nice guy or the worst in the five boroughs. Reed McMahon's Yelp-like reviews are scathing across the board, but he refuses to let it worry him, at least until the press starts bothering his dad, who's in hospice care. Darcy Greer isn't interested in guys like Reed at all, but when she's forced into Reed's company as they work to bring more people into the library she runs, she starts to see that there's a decent guy under his layer of sexy, handsome polish. For me, I'm convinced a romance between two unlikely people will work when they really see and appreciate each other, and London made that magic happen between Darcy and Reed.

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INK: A Love Story on 7th and Main by Elizabeth Hunter - Don't let the tats on the cover fool you. Ink skews to the sweeter side of romance, as reluctant bookstore owner Emmie Elliot and tattoo artist Miles Oxford (aka, Ox) bring their businesses together after agreeing that there can be no hanky-panky between them. Hey, being a small-business owner is tough enough without adding a romantic relationship to the mix. But everyone knows that Emmie and Ox are right for each other, even if it takes both of them a while to figure it out. Book lovers will enjoy Emmie's literary swoons, while those who thrill to bad boys will enjoy Ox's blunt talk and big heart.

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