Recipe Road Test: "Treat Yourself" to a Crunchy, Sweet...Avocado

Seira Wilson on September 13, 2017

TreatYourselfAvocadoMy copy of Treat Yourself!: How to Make 93 Ridiculously Fun No-Bake Crispy Rice Treats is already worn and stained. It has given my 10-year-old an immense amount of enjoyment and me probably about 5 extra pounds around the waist, but worth every one... Who can resist that classic marshmallow/crispy rice cereal combination?  And when it's colored and formed into fantastic shapes--all the better. 

Jessica Siskin's recipes are both fun and delicious.  One of my favorites to come out of our kitchen at home is the avocado.  It just looks so cool...  Above-left is the photo from the cookbook, and at right is what ours looked like before we scarfed it down--not too bad, eh?  RiceKrispyAvocado200

Below is the recipe to make yourself one of these tasty avocados, and don't be intimidated by the different batch recipes--it's all just butter, marshmallows, and crispy rice cereal with different colors of food coloring.  I only had the old school 4-pack of liquid food coloring so ordered this great 12-pack of liqua-gel colors* before we got started on Treat Yourself! *(I highly recommend--the colors are bright and you need very little)


I don’t know how avocados became associated with being “basic,” but I know that basic things are basic because a lot of people like them, and a lot of people like them because they are good. And avocados are the best. Even if you’re tired of seeing photos of avocado toast on social media, you’ll never get tired of photographing this treat or eating it. After all, it’s a super food incredibly high in nutrition and low in sugar . . . oh, wait, JK.

Makes 1 avocado, 11 inches tall


1 C batch
8 cups of crispy rice cereal
6 cups of mini marshmallows
4 tablespoons of butter (salted butter is recommended)
10 drops of lime green food coloring

1 E batch
4 cups of crispy rice cereal
3 cups of mini marshmallows
2 tablespoons of (salted butter is recommended)
6 drops of green food coloring

1 H batch
1 cup of crispy rice cereal
¾ cup of mini marshmallows
½ tablespoon of (salted butter is recommended)
3 drops of brown food coloring

Sparkle Gel
Lime green

Large stockpot
Cooking spray
Parchment paper Avocado template


  1. Mix the C batch recipe: In a large stockpot, melt the butter over low heat until it’s 80 percent melted, about 1 minute 20 seconds. Note: If the butter begins to sizzle, lower the heat. It should melt very slowly.
  1. Add the mini marshmallows and stir gently, coating them with melted butter, about 30 seconds.
  1. When the marshmallows are about 80 percent melted (when you can still see the individual marshmallow shapes but they are beginning to run together), add the food coloring. Stir for another 15 seconds and then turn off the heat.
  1. Stir gently until the color is well distributed but the marshmallows are still only about 80 percent melted, about 35 seconds (you should still be able to identify individual pieces within the melted ones). Note: If the marshmallows melt too much, the mixture will be too hot to handle—wait 1–2 minutes and then mold quickly!
  1. Add the cereal and mix well, until the marshmallows and cereal are fully combined, about 40 seconds. Do not overmix! Pour the mixture onto the parchment-covered template on the work surface. Generously coat your hands with cooking spray.
  1. Use both hands to mold the mixture over the inner portion of the template, smoothing the edges until the mixture begins to firm.
  1. Press down with both hands to make a depression in the center.
  1. Repeat steps 1–5 to make the E batch recipe and, in small handfuls, press the dark green mixture over the outer section of the template.
  1. Continue applying handfuls and smoothing the mixture until you’ve created a border all the way around the treat.
  1. Repeat steps 1–5 to make the H batch recipe and shape it into an oval. Place it in the depression in the center of the treat.
  1. Using lime green sparkle gel, outline the border where the dark and light green mixtures meet.
  1. Use your finger to smudge and blend the outline.

Avocado1 Avocado2 Avocado3





Avocado4 Avocado5 Avocado6





Avocado7 Avocado8





**Excerpted from Treat Yourself: How to Make 93 Ridiculously Fun No-Bake Crispy Rice Treats by Jessica Siskin(Workman). Copyright © 2017. Photographs by Evi Abeler.


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