The Best Mysteries and Thrillers of 2017

Chris Schluep on November 20, 2017

The-Dry.jpgIt's never easy picking the best of anything. Best car, best burger, best book... it's all subjective. Plus, our favorite book falls into an entirely different category than our favorite car or burger. A book is more than a commodity. It's a book.

That said, the goal of our editorial team is to help readers find books they'll love-- and mysteries and thrillers are a good place to start. Here is a sample of our Best Mysteries & Thrillers of 2017. You can see the full list here.

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The Dry by Jane Harper - We named this debut from an Australian writer as our 2017 Best in Mysteries & Thrillers. Here's what Amazon's Penny Mann had to say about the book way back in January when we picked it as a Best Book of the Month: "I was surprised to realize that The Dry was Jane Harper's debut novel. The writing is fantastic, and the plot - where many mystery/thrillers fall short these days - was completely unpredictable in the best ways possible. Federal Agent, Aaron Faulk, returns to his hometown in Australia to mourn, and inevitably investigate, his best friend's apparent suicide. What comes next is a series of twists and turns that will keep you guessing all the way until the end. I repeatedly found myself shocked and pulled in by Harper's fast paced and engrossing writing. Truly a fantastic read and hopefully the first of many to come from Ms. Harper."

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A Legacy of Spies by John le Carré - Apparently, Penny has been busy reading great thrillers this year. In September, she wrote: "John Le Carré, who you may know from the classic George Smiley spy novels, has returned after 25 years to bring us A Legacy of Spies, an interweaving of past and present story lines that allows new readers a way into these (I'm going to say it… perfect ) thrillers and will have longtime fans swooning. I have loved the Smiley series since I first read book one, so I was more than apprehensive when I heard Le Carré was reigniting the story with ‘Legacy’ after so many years (needlessly apprehensive, as it turns out). Peter Guillam, Smiley's most prized assistant, returns with both grace and vengeance as he evaluates life and the lies he has created to survive. Readers don't need to have read the past titles to understand or enjoy ‘Legacy’, but I guarantee you will want to go back and start at the beginning as soon as you turn that final page."

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Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz - Amazon's Vanessa Cronin wrote the review for Magpie Murders, which we picked as a Best Book of June: "When editor Susan Ryeland begins to read the latest manuscript by curmudgeonly, bestselling author Alan Conway, she has no idea that by the time she gets to the end, the author will be dead from a mysterious fall, and that the last chapter of his last novel will be MIA. Sounds simple enough, but Horowitz uses this set-up to construct a clever novel-within-a-novel framework. One novel is set in 1950s Saxby-on-Avon, the English village where Conway’s Poirot-like fictional detective Atticus Pund arrives to investigate a murder, the other in modern-day London where Susan’s reading of the manuscript leads her to suspect that Conway’s death may not have been accidental. Two novels for the price of one means double the fun for readers: two mysteries, two detectives, and possibly two murderers. Paying homage to the vintage British manor house mysteries, Magpie Murders is a masterfully dark, twisty thriller with only one down side: reading it will make you wish there really was a series of Atticus Pund thrillers."

Again here is the full list.


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