Celebrity picks: Stephen King’s favorite recent reads

Chris Schluep on September 10, 2019

Stephen_King_hr.jpgMany of us, including myself, look forward to every single one of Stephen King's books. And that's saying something, because he has exceptional range to his writing. His publishing career began in 1974 with Carrie. He followed that up with Salem's Lot in 1975 and The Shining in 1978. That's a pretty good run in itself, but of course 45 years later he is just as relevant as ever. And he hasn't slowed down; if anything, he may have become more prolific.

King's latest novel is The Institute, which is publishing today (Sept. 10th). It marks a return to writing that places kids at the center of the action--and for that reason the book has been compared to It, which itself has had new life breathed into it with the recent release of two movies based on the novel. But The Institute shares only a casual similarity to It. Late one night, Luke Ellis's parents are murdered and he is whisked off to a place full of gifted children. But this isn't Hogwarts. It's something much darker, a place run by evil people with ill intentions. Longtime readers of King's work will find some vintage King lurking in there, too. 

We asked Stephen King what he has been reading and loving lately. Here are his picks below. You might want to check out one of them after you finish The Institute.

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No True Glory: A Frontline Account of the Battle for Fallujah by Bing West

It’s one of the best house-by-house, street-by-street battle accounts I have ever read, but it’s more. In explaining why the battle for Fallujah had to be fought twice, West makes it clear why “winning” in Iraq was next to impossible.

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Good Girl, Bad Girl: A Novel by Michael Robotham

Robotham is one of the half a dozen or so great suspense novelists now working, and this story of a psychologist’s efforts to unravel twin mysteries—a current murder and the riddle of the orphan girl he more or less adopts—is one of his best.

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The Paris Diversion: A Novel by Chris Pavone

A man with a suicide vest filled with radioactive material stands in front of the Louvre, threatening to detonate it, but this is only the beginning of a complicated plot to steal big money and exact revenge. The story unspools over just a few hours, and you won’t stop reading until the final devastating pages.

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