Celebrity Picks: Ainsley Earhardt's Favorite Reads of 2017

Chris Schluep on November 14, 2017

Photo credit: Brian Tully

So what does a FOX News anchor do in her spare time? If you're Ainsley Earhardt, you write #1 best-selling books. In Through Your Eyes: My Child's Gift to Me, Earhardt reflects on her experiences as a mother and what it's like to view the wonders of the world through a child’s eyes. Sometimes we need the wisdom and perspective of a child to remind us what is important and what should be celebrated and remembered.

What does Ainsley Earhardt like to read? See her picks below, and look here for the latest celebrity favorites.

Ainsley Earhardt's favorite reads of 2017

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Beautiful Day by Elin Hilderbrand
Beautiful day takes place on the island of Nantucket. I lived there for one summer in college and have been visiting ever since. Therefore, this book is very special. The author makes each page come to life by incorporating actual Nantucket landmarks, restaurants and beaches in the pages of her novels. In addition, who doesn't love a wedding? The Carmichael family has been visiting the island forever and one of the daughters is getting married on Nantucket. She is the hopeless romantic, but her sister is the pessimistic realist and does not believe love lasts. Their mother died of cancer years prior and left her children a notebook detailing what their weddings should be like. You will feel emotional highs and lows and will have a hard time putting the book down. It's the best Elin Hilderbrand book I have read.

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Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See
This story is about the relationship between a pushy, tough mother and her abiding daughter. The mother is extremely hard on her child, but you come to understand why as the book progresses. I learned so much about Chinese tradition, the pressures young women faced in ancient China to reach physical perfection, the desire to please their mothers and marry into a higher ranking and the expectations to have sons. The painful practice of foot binding was detailed. It was a hard and excruciating process for a young girl, but also her ticket to a better life. You will find yourself crying, grieving loss and appreciating the rewards for their tolls and hardships.

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The Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen
As a mother to a 1 year old, I don't have as much time for leisure, adult reading, but I always make time to read with my daughter. One of Hayden's favorite books is called, The Pout Pout Fish. It is a cute, lyrical children's book about a pouting fish who mopes through his underwater life complaining and being negative. The other sea creatures try to cheer him up, but are not successful. The pouting fish reminds them that he was born with a frown and he will never change. Until.... an unfamiliar, female fish swims into his territory. She plants a big kiss on him (which my daughter loves because I use that opportunity to kiss all over her precious face) and turns his frown upside down. The pout pout fish finally finds love, happiness and companionship. It's a cute book to read at bedtime with your children.

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