The books behind "Bosch"

Vannessa Cronin on April 15, 2020


Season 6 of Bosch arrives this Friday on Amazon Prime Video, and we have been eagerly awaiting the best binge-watching event of the season. The new season is based on material from two books: Dark Sacred Night, which introduced detective Renée Ballard, and an earlier book in the Bosch series, The Overlook. (Bonus: there's a deal on the Kindle editions of both books through April 19.) And check back on Friday, when author Michael Connelly answers a few of our questions about Bosch, Mickey Haller, and what to read right now.

Dark Sacred Night by Michael Connelly

Season 6 of Bosch is based mostly on material from Dark Sacred Night and The Overlook. In Dark Sacred Night, Detective Renée Ballard returns to Hollywood Station in the wee hours and finds a stranger rifling through old file cabinets. The fact that the stranger is legendary, now-retired, LAPD Detective Harry Bosch is intriguing though, and so Ballard takes a look at the cold case file that he's been working on. Fifteen-year-old runaway Daisy Clayton was brutally murdered and her body thrown in a dumpster, and it makes Ballard angry enough to want in on Bosch's mission to get justice, no matter how late, for the tragic teen.

The Overlook by Michael Connelly

LAPD detective Harry Bosch's first case since being recruited to the Homicide Special Squad takes him to Mulholland Drive, where the body of Dr. Stanley Kent has been found with two bullets in the back of his head. Sadly, it seems like a run of the mill murder. But the death of Dr. Kent turns out to be anything but routine, and as Bosch follows the evidence he uncovers what appears to be a plot that could decimate the City of Angels. But what to do about it puts him at odds with both his superiors and the FBI.

Two Kinds of Truth by Michael Connelly

Season 5 sees Harry Bosch working cold cases for the San Fernando Police Department when he gets called out to a mom and pop drugstore where two pharmacists have been murdered in a robbery. Pretty soon, Bosch is working undercover in the pill mills that supply the big-business prescription drug abuse epidemic. Meanwhile, a killer Bosch put in jail years ago pops up again, claiming that Harry framed him and that he has new evidence to prove it. Problem is, the reason Harry is working in San Fernando is because he left the LAPD on bad terms so he doesn't have too many allies willing to go to bat to protect his reputation.

Angels Flight by Michael Connelly

When an activist lawyer is murdered, it falls to Harry to investigate. The murdered lawyer rose to prominence by trying cases that accused the LAPD of brutality and racism in dealing with African American suspects and so has few friends, but plenty of enemies, in the LAPD. It's pretty much a lose-lose for Bosch: every one of his fellow cops had a motive, and Harry may make a few more enemies of his own trying to find out which one acted on it. But if he doesn't come up with the guilty party, Los Angeles is likely to erupt in race riots.

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