The Best Mysteries And Thrillers of August

Editor on August 13, 2017

A1Here are four of our favorite thrillers of August. You can find all ten favorites in our list of the Best Mysteries & Thrillers of August.



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Two sisters disappear. Three years later, the youngest reappears on her mother’s doorstep with an incredible story of where they’ve been and information on how to find her older sister. To quote Amazon Senior Editor Seira Wilson in her Best of the Month Top 10 review, Walker has "brought her A-game of cat and mouse.... Each chapter adds another warped layer to the story, and just when you think you’ve sorted out the villains and the victims, Walker forces you to reconsider. A memorable and highly satisfying thriller." 

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The Dark Net is a real thing, an anonymous part of the web often used for illicit activity. But in Benjamin Percy's hands, the Dark Net is an even darker place. There's real evil in there, and a ragtag band from Portland, Oregon is on their way in to make sure the evil doesn't go viral. This is a book that could be classified as techno-horror instead of techno-thriller. No matter. Percy is a really a gifted writer who has a special talent for introducing the fantastic into reality, and that's what he has done here. This is fast-paced, imaginative entertainment. (Also this non sequitur: Benjamin Percy has a memorably deep voice.)

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Like Benjamin Percy's book, Yesterday is a mixture of mystery and science fiction, although the two novels are very different from each other. Set in a world (ours, only slightly changed) where status is based on one's capacity for memory, Yesterday revolves around a mixed marriage between Mark (an elite "duo" who can remember two days) and Claire (a "mono" who can remember one day). Science fiction is great when it makes us think differently, and more deeply, about ourselves and the world we live in. This is that kind of novel, told from many points of view, trying to solve the death of Mark's mistress--it's a twisty, well-plotted thriller and an exploration of memory itself.

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It's probably no secret that Karin Slaughter is a favorite around here. She just keeps writing well-plotted, emotionally keen thrillers. The Good Daughter is a standalone novel about a young attorney who survived a terrible crime years ago. Her mother was killed, her father was left devastated, and her relationship with her sister was torn apart in the aftermath. Now a new crime has brought back the pain of that earlier event, and The Good Daughter becomes an exploration of both crimes, a process that unleashes the terrible memories she's spent so long trying to suppress.


You can see all of our Best Mysteries & Thrillers of August here.


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