When Your Mother-in-Law is "The Other Woman"

Chris Schluep on August 22, 2018

Other.jpgIt's likely that no relative has received more societal scorn than the mother-in-law (MIL). Whether that's fair treatment is not the subject of this post, but one of the subjects of this post--her name is "Pammie"--isn't going to be called upon to repair the MIL reputation anytime soon.

The tagline for The Other Woman is "He loves me. She loves me not." We talked to author Sandie Jones about her debut psychological thriller (and Pammie) below. And below that is a short video from the author herself.

How did you come up with the idea for The Other Woman?

The inspiration behind the novel initially came from talking to friends and peers who were still struggling with their relationship with their mother-in-law, some thirty years on. But what interested me most was the fact that these women are now becoming mother-in-laws themselves and turning into the very same person they’d been avoiding all that time! It made me wonder if we didn’t all have a bit of "Pammie" in us.

What sparked the idea for Pammie's character? And how did you decide on her name?

Pammie started out as an exaggerated version of all the MIL’s I’d heard about. I thought it would be fun to play around with and see how far I could push her, whilst still retaining a sense of humour. Yet the more I wrote, the more evil she became, and I surprised even myself with her dark character. I didn’t know I had a mind that could stoop so low!

Her name was Pammie from the outset – I love how innocuous it sounds – yet it’s almost too sugary, leading one to think that there might be something sinister lurking behind the sweet façade!

If you had your way, who would play Pammie, Emily and Adam in the movie?

In my dreams, I imagine Lily James playing Emily, Henry Cavill as Adam, with the piece de resistance being Meryl Streep! I can all too easily picture Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada as the mother-in-law from hell.

This is your debut novel. What about the publishing process has surprised you the most?

I spent many years thinking about it and not doing it, believing that modern technology and the instant gratification that it provides, had made books a thing of the past. So the biggest, and most pleasant surprise is the discovery that books are bigger than ever! Being immersed in the industry has opened up a whole new world where authors, readers, publishers and retailers are so incredibly passionate about the words on a page.  

If you could tell potential readers any one thing before they jump in, what would you say?

Go in blind! The less you read about The Other Woman, the better. I love reading the reviews, but even I want to cover my eyes when a spoiler appears, and I already know what happens! Go on Emily’s journey with her, rather than waiting for a twist or turn.

What's one book that you've recently read that you loved?

I really enjoyed The Wife Between Us, which I read in two sittings a few weeks ago. Psychological thrillers are my favorite genre, so although I didn’t set out to write one, it’s interesting that I’ve defaulted to the type of book I enjoy reading.

I love not knowing who to trust and The Wife Between Us delivers on that front; you think it’s one way, but by the end, everything you thought was true is flipped on its head.

Are you currently at work on your next book? Can you tell us what it's about?

There is a ‘Work in Progress’ which is almost finished. It’s a thriller focusing on two friends caught up in a web of lies, secrets and deceit so dark and disturbing, that it threatens to destroy them. They have to decide whether to cut the ties that bind them together or unite as one to give them a fighting chance of survival.

Describe The Other Woman in 5 words.

Fast-paced, Shocking, Twisty, Compelling, Real.

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