Celebrity Picks: Christopher Kimball's Favorite Reads of 2017

Adrian Liang on February 01, 2017

ChristopherKimball_300wAt Milk Street, his cooking school and TV studio in Boston, Christopher Kimball utilizes his recipe-perfecting techniques to make food foolproof. Now, his brand-new new cookbook, Milk Street: New Home Cooking, eschews the extra-fancy prep other cookbooks require while still delivering big flavors.

After TV, radio, and recipes consume his day, Kimball prefers to spend time with a book. He tells us about his favorite books in his own words, and you can look here for more authors' favorites.

In an age of Netflix and HBO, it is easy to forget the power of a words on paper (or screen); words that transport one to any place, any historic era, or even into the future. The printed medium engages the mind because it asks something of the reader: attention, intelligence, and interpretation. When the reader makes this investment, the experience is rich and liberating. Finish a book and one feel invigorated; finish a movie and one feels unsatisfied. The properly chosen word is worth a thousand pictures. -Christopher Kimball

Christopher Kimball’s favorite reads of 2017

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The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill: Defender of The Realm, 1940-1945 by William Manchester and Paul Reid - More exciting and action-packed than any novel and at the center of the story is one of the most remarkable and unlikely defenders of the realm, since his war was won with words. “We will fight in the hills; we shall never surrender” was not taken seriously by the Nazis until that small island nation won the Battle of Britain. Not a man for peace, but the perfect leader for war.

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Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari - I have read many books professing to unlock the secrets of the future and most are no more than hasty speculation, but Homo Deus is both thoughtful and well researched. There is a certain relentless optimism that haunts these pages – I expected more of an apocalyptical offering – but his case for optimism is well made and well served.

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Prussian Blue by Philip Kerr - Philip Kerr is my favorite historical novelist of all time, and his Berlin Noir trilogy is a masterpiece. In Prussian Blue, Bernie Gunther, the Berlin-based gumshoe protagonist, is asked to investigate a homicide at Hitler’s mountaintop redoubt, Obersalzburg, in 1939. As usual, the plot thickens, Bernie gets roughed up, and he fights back with relentless stubbornness. It’s the attention to historic detail coupled with Bernie’s vibrant personality that pulls the reader out of time and convincingly into the past.

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