Sarah Harrison Smith
Sarah Harrison Smith
Editorial Director, Books and Kindle: Sarah Harrison Smith spent her childhood with her nose in a book and not much has changed. Happy to read almost anything, she’s especially drawn to literary fiction and biographies of artists, writers and politicians, with a particular soft spot for 19th century oddballs. Other interests: the visual arts, architecture, and children’s books.

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PBS Reveals America's 100 Best-Loved Books

There were some surprises on the list, which ranges from evergreen classics like George Orwell's 1984 to trendy favorites like E.L. James's Fifty Shades of Grey. Meredith Vieira will host "The Great American Read," an interactive 8-part series based on the list, starting May 22.

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New Poems for New People

Though the great poets of the past have a special place in the pantheon, there's room for more timely verse. New people -- children, that is -- require new poems. These three recent books of poetry, for toddlers through teenagers, deserve space on their shelves.

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Your Earth-Day Inspiration: Nicola Davies on Writing for Kids About Our "Extraordinary" Planet

Davies, one of the most prolific and beloved writers of children's books about the natural world, talks about her work, her sources of inspiration, and what kids don't know about the environment around them.

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An Excerpt from Julian Barnes's New Novel, "The Only Story"

In Barnes’s ruminative, finely wrought, and often wryly funny novel,  The Only Story is the story of love: the ideal of love, and love as it is lived. 

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"Howards End": Why E.M. Forster's Masterpiece is a Book for Our Times

Wendy Moffat, Morgan Forster's biographer, discusses the extraordinary novel that's the basis for a new Starz series. "I think one of the shocks of it is that it feels like such a mirror. We haven’t made that much progress in the kind of things that mattered to Forster."

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"Lost, Forgotten or Unjustly Neglected Books": C.D. Rose Compiles a List

The witty and erudite author of "The Biographical Dictionary of Literary Failures" has a new book out, "Who's Who When Everyone is Someone Else," in which he champions the best books -- real and imagined -- that have fallen out of fashion. 

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Meredith Goldstein: An Advice Columnist Publishes Her Memoir

"I can tell what kind of letter I’m going to get based on the weather. The real first March or April week that’s warm, I will get a ton of letters saying, 'I want to break up with my longtime partner.' It’s super weird. People are like, 'Oh, it's nice out, I could sleep with other people!'"

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Kenneth Branagh, King of Book-to-Screen Adaptations: Five Top Roles

It's exciting news: Branagh will play Count Alexander Rostov in a TV-series version of Amor Towles's bestselling novel, "A Gentleman in Moscow." But he's been the king of classic books-to-screen adaptations for years. Which of these roles have you seen him play?

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Talking to Abbi Waxman About Her New Novel, "Other People's Houses."

Waxman, who describes herself as a mixture of Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, Ramona Quimby and Bertie Wooster ("because I'm a doofus") looks closely at a cross section of relationships in an L.A. neighborhood that's a lot like her own.

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Anita Shreve, Beloved Author of "The Pilot's Wife" and "The Weight of Water," Dies at 71

Her bestselling novels concerned women at times of dramatic change. “I'm really interested in the catastrophic moment in life,” Shreve once said. “ If you push a woman to the edge, how will she behave?”

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A Taste of Christine Magnan's "Tangerine"

When two young American women cross paths in 1950s Tangiers, one of them seems oddly wary of the other. What dark secrets did they leave back in the States? Enjoy an excerpt of this intense, suspenseful psychological novel, which is thrillingly reminiscent of Daphne du Maurier, Patricia Highsmith, and Lawrence Osborne. 

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Looking for a New Book? Here's What We're Reading This Weekend.

Whether you're religiously romantic, an ursine enthusiast, a dog lover, bird fancier, or Carrie Fisher fan, one of these might be just what you're looking for.

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The Artist's Way: Talking with Tom Rachman About His New Novel, "The Italian Teacher"

Rachman's latest novel asks: "What makes a great artist?" and  "Should we admire work by humans we’d otherwise detest?"

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Winners of the National Book Critics Circle Awards

Surprises and a sense of embattled solidarity marked last night's award ceremony, where women took all but two of the prizes.

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Could the Children's Books in Your Attic Fetch a Price at New York's Antiquarian Book Fair?

This year's fair, which runs from March 8 to March 11, contains some gorgeous and unusual examples of children's books, from handmade one-offs to pristine first editions.

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