Jon Foro
Jon Foro
Jon has spent over 25 years in the book business--and over 16 years at—buying, selling, and writing about books. He enjoys narrative nonfiction, literary fiction, and adventure and nature writing, especially books about bears.

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The Best Biographies & Memoirs of February

A look at some of our favorite true stories from a month overflowing with them.

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Moving Doesn't Have to Be a Horror Story

Relocating yourself and all your stuff can be stressful business, but these five books offer valuable lessons for making your move more Jane Austen than Stephen King.

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Yeah, But the Book's Way Better

We're accustomed to films based on books. But let's explore another kind of tie-in, one usually found in supermarket spinner-racks or airport kiosks specializing in mints and magazines. Books for those who need more after leaving the theater or switching off the TV: more Battlestar Galactica, more Porky's, more Buck Rogers, more....

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Just Put Your Lips Together and Blow

In the spirit of the season and a new movie, a list of whistleblowers, sneaks, truth-tellers, spies, and tattletales (depending on you point of view) and books by or about them.

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Best Books of the Month: Biographies & Memoirs

In which we talk about some of our favorite books of January and abuse a little bit of Latin along the way.

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Just Don't Call It a Retrospective

"I'm a working photographer and I'm still going." Annie Leibovitz on her new collection, Portraits: 2005-2016.

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Best Books of the Month: Nonfiction

What are the 12 hardest things to say? Should you schedule that surgery in the morning or the afternoon? Is it bad to let your children play with knives? All this and more in the best nonfiction of January.

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Celebrity Picks: John Hodgman's Favorite Reads of 2017

The self-described "weird dad with terrible facial hair" and author of the new memoir, Vacationland, shares his Maine-centric reading list. It's eclectic.

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Celebrity Picks: Scott Adams's Favorite Reads of 2017

Not many foresaw the rise of Donald Trump as clearly as Scott Adams. Find out what the Dilbert creator and author of Win Bigly: Persuasion in a World Where Facts Don't Matter knows, and how he knows it.

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Celebrity Picks: John le Carré's Favorite Reads of 2017

John le Carré is an undisputed master of the espionage thriller, and based on his reading list, he's got things on his mind.

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Sticky Fingers: Jann Wenner and the Birth of the Modern Celebrity

Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner called Joe Hagan's biography of him "tawdry." He might be right, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. We talked to Hagan about Wenner, the magazine, and the industrialization of rock and roll.

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An Interview with Ed Asner, The Grouchy Historian

"Wipe away little of the idolatry connected with the Constitution." The avuncular actor talks about Founding Fathers and the the supreme law of the land with grouchy co-author Ed. Weinberger. Opinions ensue.

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Celebrity Picks: Reza Farazmand's Favorite Reads of 2017

What do you read when everything you see seems absurd? The author of C omics for a Strange World lists his most influential books of the year.

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Celebrity Picks: Ron Chernow's Favorite Reads of 2017

The once and future award-winning author of Grant shares his favorite books of the year. 

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Celebrity Picks: Anna Faris's Favorite Reads of 2017

Anna Faris isn't afraid to take chances, and neither is her new memoir, Unqualified. Find out which books inspired this fearless, funny actor this year.

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