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Color me impressed: Four new comics and graphics novels to watch

The Amazon Books stores’ comics and graphic novel curator Alison Walker reveals which new works have grabbed her attention.

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The 10 most anticipated novels out this summer

Beat the heat with the fiction that readers are pre-ordering most, according to Amazon Charts data.

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The 2019 Amazon Canada First Novel Award winner

Casey Plett wins the Amazon Canada First Novel award for Little Fish.

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3 Wonderful (and Sometimes Weird) New Graphic Novels

A journey through New York City's flooded subway tunnels, girls who turn into rampaging wild cats, and a sweet romance in a bakery are among these new must-read graphic novels.

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10 Books Coming Soon to Screens Big and Small

Intense love, intergalactic conflict, and creepy zombie cats make the jump from page to screen this spring.

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The 10 Most Anticipated Novels out This Spring

Warm up with spring’s most essential reads, according to Amazon Charts pre-order data.

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10 Best Sellers in Prime Reading

Prime Reading offers more than 1,000 books and magazines for free download to Prime members. Discover 10 of the hottest books in Prime Reading now.

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Kindle Best Sellers in Prime Reading

These 15 books in Prime Reading made it to the top of their categories in literary fiction, mystery, romance, nonfiction, and children's books. (Psst: If you still haven't read The Handmaid's Tale, now's the time to snag it from Prime Reading!)

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2018 Celebrity Picks

Dozens of famous bookworms tell us about their favorite reads of the year, in their own words.

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Vannessa's Mystery Corner

Why we've waited so long to give Vannessa a voice on the blog is a mystery. 

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The Best Comics and Graphic Novels of 2018

Bookstore curator Alison Walker highlights five of the best comics and graphic novels from a year chock-full of excellent graphic works.

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What "The Princess Bride" Taught Me About Life

Five life lessons from William Goldman's The Princess Bride.

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The Amazon Book Review Podcast: The Archives

Hey, everybody! Let's put on a show!

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Casey Gerald Explores the Shadowy Side of the American Dream in "There Will Be No Miracles Here"

Casey Gerald could be held up as the poster child of someone who achieved the American Dream despite the vast odds against him. But that path to success is a dark and thorny one and is perhaps not one we should be encouraging kids to take. Gerald talks to us about his memoir that we chose as a Best Book of October.

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4 New Graphic Novels That Will Pin You to Your Couch

These four new graphic novels will stop you in your tracks and make the world go away.

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