Adrian Liang
Adrian Liang
Adrian is an East Coast transplant to the gorgeous Northwest. One of the fortunate few who has parlayed her English degree into a paying gig, Adrian has been working in the book world for more than twenty years, which makes her feel both a tiny bit old and very, very lucky.

Recent posts by Adrian

The Strangest Museum Heist You've Never Heard Of

Rare dead birds, obsessive fly-tiers, a small natural history museum in England, and a golden flute all play crucial roles in a fascinating crime.

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8 Memorable Literary Moms, from Heroic to Horrible

Our favorite novels from 2017 and 2018 about good moms, bad moms, the perils of child-raising, and, sometimes, serial killers.

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Madeleine Albright Sounds a Warning on the Global Rise of Fascism

We speak with former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright about the historic and current rise of fascism, the danger of hypernationalism, and how to get out of our own echo chambers.

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Seeing Both the Forest and the Trees: Richard Powers's "The Overstory"

National Book Award winning author Richard Powers talks with us about complex communication between trees, humanity's place in the world, and the potential positive intersection between nature and technology.

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Poetry: Amanda Lovelace's "The Witch Doesn't Burn in This One"

We embrace the final day of National Poetry Month with a poem from Amanda Lovelace's most recent collection, "the witch doesn't burn in this one."

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Celebrity Picks: David Duchovny's Favorite Recent Reads

The author of the upcoming novel "Miss Subways" tells us which books he has read and loved lately. Hint: Octopi!

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Glam Rock Explodes inside Science Fiction with "Space Opera"

Catherynne M. Valente talks with us about sentience, Eurovision, the dark roots of glam rock, and making jokes in space.

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Marie Force on the Beauty of the Long Series

The challenges and joys of writing a long series that readers love.

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Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of April: 7 Top Picks

Mars, mad kings, robots who get their heads ripped off for sport, and a galaxy-wide singing competition to determine the fate of the human race are featured among our favorite new science fiction and fantasy books of April.

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Poetry: r.h. Sin's "She Felt Like Feeling Nothing"

This month, poet r.h. Sin releases a new collection, "She Felt Like Feeling Nothing." Here's one poem about the weathering of heartbreak. Happy National Poetry Month!

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Kevin Hearne on Druids, Bards, Farm Boys and More

As Kevin Hearne concludes his nine-volume Iron Druid Chronicles (plus novellas and short stories), we talk about what's next...including his hilarious new collaboration with Delilah S. Dawson.

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Damian Dibben's Top Six Literary Dogs

Six dogs—real and fictional—who have influenced the core of Western literature.

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Poetry: Najwa Zebian's "Mind Platter"

This week for National Poetry month, we showcase a small but mighty poem from Lebanese-Canadian writer Najwa Zebian.

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Best Romances of April: 7 Top Picks

Seven of our favorite April romances bring us honey badgers, cat burglars, and au pairs.

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Weekend Reading

Yo, winter--time's up. Time to give spring a turn. While we wait for the seasons to get their act together, we're curling up with these books that are sure to perk up our weekend.

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